3 Things You Might Not Know about Mold

Woman having an issue with indoor moldIt has been said many times before: not all kinds of mold are deadly. But many homeowners still have the notion that such can be fatal. As a result, they treat the problem with intense fear.

Some people say that mold can lead to fatal health conditions. However, further studies are still required to support such claims. A reputable provider of mold removal service in Utah should know which type of mold is harmful.

Here are some other facts that you might not know about mold:

Moisture and Mold

There are several types of mold, but only a few carries a carcinogen. All of them thrive as long as there is moisture. The type of material doesn’t matter to a mold spore. As long as there is moisture in a material, mold growth is possible.

That is why moisture control should be a part of mold management. Otherwise, the problem will keep coming back in various parts of your home. One way to control moisture in your home is to improve air circulation. Other than that, you should repair leaks and other water problems.

Indoor Mold vs. Outdoor Mold

Mold is not entirely bad, but if it grows indoors, it brings nothing but disadvantages. In contrast, it plays an important role if it grows outdoors.

The spores of indoor mold can be allergens or irritants. Outdoor mold, on the other hand, helps in the decaying process of dead plants and animals. With its aid, the remains of dead organisms can turn into soil nutrients. But then again, the spores of outdoor mold are the common source of indoor mold.

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Dead Mold

Mold removal is a complex process. Other than moisture control, killing the mold is necessary. Once the mold is dead, the next step is to get rid of them as well as the items or parts they affected. Without doing this, the dead mold can still act as an allergen.

There are plenty of misconceptions about mold. If you spot mold growth in your home, don’t panic right away. Try to search about its type first. If the mold problem is severe, look for a mold removal contractor who can implement a comprehensive process to eliminate mold and prevent possible recurrence.

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