3 Signs That Tell Your Home Sprinkler Needs Repair ASAP

A sprinkler watering a lawn Gardens and lawns, as well as larger grounds like courses, rely extensively on irrigation systems to maintain their lushness, greenness, and overall health. When they start to malfunction, it’s important to act promptly, as they can kill the flora quickly.

UtahSprinkler.com and other experts noted that you shouldn’t delay contacting a home sprinkler repair service once you notice problems with your residential irrigation system. Prevent the major causes of damage, which could rack up greater expenses, with this guide:

Unwatered Spots

The main function of a sprinkler system is to water the grass in a uniform manner. When you have to water some areas manually because the water does not reach them, take this as a problem sign. Check for symptoms, such as wet spots, leaking valves, and water flow. An increase in your water utility bill despite not having any plumbing problem also signals an issue with your sprinkler.

Faulty Controller

When the brains of the irrigation system — the controller — don’t turn on or take a long time to turn on, it only means a problem has already developed. There are several things you should check for initial troubleshooting. Make sure you turn the water back on correctly. Examine the wires connected to the controller and ensure they don’t have any damages. If these troubleshooting steps haven’t resolved the issue, the problem has something to do with the controller.

Stuck Sprinkler

Another common problem, a stuck sprinkler head can result from a number of things, including low water pressure or a blockage. When this part of the irrigation system doesn’t pop up right after turning it on, regardless of adequate pressure, it’s possible that there’s a blockage. Debris, such as dirt or plants, may have accumulated. Remove anything on the surface. If this still doesn’t fix the issue, have a professional check your system.

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These are only some of the things you need to check when it comes to your sprinklers. Let them do their job well by promoting proper maintenance.

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