3 Decorative Concrete Options for Your Pool Deck

pool surrounded by concrete flooringAmong the primary elements that have an impact on the look of a swimming pool is its deck. There are various considerations when choosing a pool deck with its material being arguably the most important.

Concrete is currently the leading option for pool decks. This material is strong, durable, non-slip, and resistant to damage from chlorine and salt water. You need not worry that your concrete pool deck will look like everyone else’s. A pool builder from Salt Lake City can recommend different decorative options to make your pool deck at home stand out.

Stenciled Concrete

Stenciled concrete designs are created with paper stencils that outline patterns into freshly laid concrete. There are different designs a pool builder can create, but slate and brick design are the popular choices today.

Stamped Concrete

Another popular option for homeowners is the stamped concrete because of its wide range of impressions, colors, and patterns. It also offers an inexpensive way of mimicking the look of pricey materials like limestone, slate, and brick.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

This concrete-based mix includes stones and pebbles of different shapes and colors. The material can be buffed once it hardens to create a richly colored pool deck. Other than the aesthetic value exposed aggregate gives to your pool deck, it also creates a slip-resistant surface making it one of the safest options you can select.

With these decorative options, your concrete pool deck will not resemble conventional and drab decks. Amateur installation of these decks, however, will result in an unattractive eventual look. The concrete will also last for a much shorter period. Therefore, make sure to work only with a professional pool builder when designing your home pool deck.

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