3 Common Misconceptions About Apartment Living

Boutique Residential ApartmentApartments have always been a hot commodity in the Australian real estate industry. Other than serving as an affording housing option when renting, they’re likewise an attractive piece of property to own.

The society may tell you that owning a home is a great goal to realise, but that doesn’t always hold true. Well, if you’re considering buying one of the most sought-after boutique apartments for sale in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, get misconceptions out of the way first to make a sound decision.

Notable property developer Gardner Vaughan Group reveals three common myths about apartment living.

Buying an Apartment Unit is a Waste of Money

Owning an apartment makes more financial sense than a house in many ways. Apart from affordability, buying an apartment unit than a freestanding residential building can save you from a long list of expenses over time.

A regular apartment unit requires less heating and cooling than an ordinary house, and it’s also usually more energy efficient. In addition, you can enjoy extra amenities like a garden, barbeque area, gym, swimming pool, or surveillance system without a hefty addition to your expenses.

Living in a Complex is Less Safe

Living with many strangers in the same building wouldn’t necessarily compromise your privacy and safety. On the contrary, it would keep unauthorised individuals from entering the compound. Apartment complexes have modern security features to ensure the safety and protection of its residents.

Apartments Are Not for Growing Families

More Australian families with kids prefer not to upgrade to a house and instead stay in an apartment because of the unique benefits it provides. Raising a family in a flat is nothing new, but it has become a trend because most apartments are close to the CBD and other big city attractions.

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Choosing to live in an apartment is no longer just a matter of money, but rather about enjoying the lifestyle you like to have. So do your research and define what you want; you’ll definitely be able to find an apartment that meets your specifications.

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