3 Awesome Ways to Create a Festive Mood at Work

Employees celebrating at the officeOffice party plans and other holiday activities are pretty much in full swing by now. Start the season right with these three holiday preparations to create a festive mood that everyone in the workplace will love.

Decorate the workplace

Let your employees take part in decorating the workplace by allowing them to put up holiday décor in their respective work areas. Set a theme for everyone to work on and let creative juices flow.

Take care of the rest of the interior holiday decorating by installing festive lights and putting up a Christmas tree that’s fit for the workplace. If you’re sharing an office building with other tenants, chances are the building administration is taking part in the municipal Christmas lights display. You can work with the same team of designers to align the external design with your interior Christmas design.

Bring in some weekend treats

Your employees are busy working throughout the year. Host a Friday Snack Break with decorated cupcakes paired with season coffee blends or some bar food paired with mocktails. Consider everyone’s diet preference and have food available for everyone to enjoy. This promotes the spirit of coming together as a family at work, despite coming from different backgrounds.

Encourage everyone to end the year right

Do a clothes or toy drive. This is like hitting two birds with one stone: the act of de-cluttering and the act of sharing. This is a way for everyone to evaluate the things they have in their possession and pick out the ones they no longer need but others can still use. Create a list of charitable institutions you can donate to and have your employees pick from it. Lastly, have all these useful items boxed up and delivered to the selected institution/s, and let everyone at work see how far their collective effort has come.

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